Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Intro to KetoMojoGogo

Shauna and I are very excited to kick off our brand new blog and YouTube channel.  We are looking forward to sharing our journey to better health and weight loss.  Here is the link to our first video.  I believe that we are fairly unique in the Keto Informational genre in that we are actually very early in our weight loss process, so people will be able to see us transform over the next view months and provide encouragement as we also encourage others.

It may seem odd for people who are still fat to be providing dietary advice.  That is a valid response.  However, we do not claim to be nutritional experts.  We have found something that is working for us and has worked for many others.  To counter that argument, a person that has never been overweight may also not be trusted to give weight loss advice as they have not had to experience the challenge of a poorly performing metabolic system.

The Keto community is quickly growing.  There is a lot of good information on blogs and YouTube, but there is also a good amount of misinformation, especially by people that should know better.  I hope that we can provide some simplicity and clarity for those that are seeking to improve their health and lose the weight that they so desperately need to lose.

We are doing this for ourselves.  We need accountability to be successful.  We are doing this for our family.  Our family has done their best to follow the traditional medical standards to remain healthy, but are getting fatter, like most of America.  Finally, we are doing this for other people that are looking for a partner ... a buddy to connect with.  We can help each other through this journey.

We want to help you go get your mojo.  So, check back often and subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

KetoMojoGogo - out.

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