Thursday, October 4, 2018

The Ketogenic Diet vs Prednisone

After dealing with a respiratory infection for several days, it is finally improving after taking a dose of prednisone to help reduce the inflammation of the bronchial passages.  The good news was that after an hour, my congestion was 80% clear and the coughing slowed down.  I took it with food, so I did not have any stomach upset.  But, I noticed something within 2 hours after I ate.  My stomach was growling and I was ravenous.

When you are on Keto for a while, feelings of extreme hunger seem to become a distant memory, so I probably noticed it more than I would have before.  One thing to note is that I have an ongoing prescription for prednisone due to my Rheumatoid Arthritis, but I almost never take them because of the long-term damage that they will do to your body.  So, I have to be in some pretty serious pain and nothing else is working before I resort to that medicine.  It has probably been over a year since I have taken Prednisone for that reason and I was not doing Keto then.

So, for the first time in a couple of months, I had no choice but to eat a snack between meals.  I had some Turkey and Pork rinds with some Mayo, so I did not reach out for carbs.  Then 2 hours later, the hunger returned.  We had a normal dinner and then I wanted to research a theory.  Was prednisone impacting the Ghrelin hormone that makes you feel hunger?

Sure enough, I found that the main complaint about Prednisone is weight gain.  As it turns out, Prednisone mimics the cortisol hormone (the old stress/weight gain connection).  This totally disrupts the Ghrelin cycle and results in an increased appetite.  This is why so many people gain weight on Prednisone.

So, I figured that I can manage that hunger for a day or so, which I will and just be happy to let it leave my system.  Then I noticed that my heart rate was cruising at 94 while at rest.  Normally it is about 68.  Sure enough, that is another happy little side effect of this tiny little pill.  So, now cardio is definitely out of the question until my heart rate settles down. So, I had to see what other surprises may be in store, so I read about another side-effect;  Prednisone can raise blood glucose levels.  Great!!!

Since being on Keto, my glucose has measured between 80 and 90 pretty consistently, but tonight it measured a staggering 124.  So, not only was I feeling ravenous, my blood sugar was spiking my insulin.  I was way out of Ketosis.  So now I just want this vile medicine out of my system.  It did help my congestion, but it also derailed my metabolic system temporarily.  All will recover in a couple of days (I hope).

The biggest lesson for me is that you have to pay attention to the medicines you take and how they impact your metabolism, whether you are on a Ketogenic diet or any other type of diet.  If you are not careful, you could end up packing on pounds and not know why.

Guess what.  That freaking appetite monster is back again.  Hopefully a Fat Bomb with put it to bed for the night.

Until later, KetoMojoGogo out.

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